The Crown of Flowers

Visible results, visible process. That's Tata's promise. Our crown of flowers is our stamp of approval that the green bottle you’re holding has been created to our level of standards and is of the highest quality and freshness possible.

No outsourcing.

No shortcuts.

We do it all ourselves.  With our own people. On our own farm.

We are a real skincare company.


From our farm to your beautiful face. Open your bottle. Inhale. Smell that? It’s what our Lab smells like every day. We're inviting you behind-the-scenes on the farm to learn about our unique formulation process and small batch production. For freshness sake.


The majority of our packaging is made of glass, and this is a decision we at Tata Harper Skincare conscientiously make. Glass is highly recyclable and can be reused over and over. Please recycle your bottles! What little plastic we do use is necessary for the function of the packaging and is as eco-friendly as possible. The plastic resin for our tubes is derived from sugar cane, which means it is made from a renewable resource instead of petroleum. Our cartons have two different sustainability goals. The Sustainable Forestry Initiative label on a few of our boxes lets you know that the package’s materials came from a responsible source – as opposed to unethical sources such as illegal logging processes or from areas that lack effective social laws. We also use 100% post-consumer materials, or recycled paperboard. We use soy-based ink for printing. Paper recycling always involves removing ink so that the paper will be ready for the next use, making soy ink an ideal choice for sustainable packaging.


Zero Shortcuts. All Natural. Nothing Artificial.

We would never let anyone else make our products. Because the where and the how is just as important as what goes in the bottle. Just enter the number etched into the bottom of your bottle and join us in the farm to face movement—you’ll never want to experience the ritual of beauty any other way.

Follow your bottle

Our Founders

Tata and Henry Harper founded Tata Harper Skincare on their 1,200 acre organic farm in the Champlain Valley of Vermont in 2010.  Both born in Baranquilla, Colombia, Tata and Henry met at Tata's high school reunion. After stints in Miami and NYC they relocated to Vermont to raise their children and have a peaceful escape from the busy city life.  Shortly after the move, Tata's stepfather was diagnosed with cancer. Tata and Henry worked together to help him change his lifestyle following his diagnosis. In doing so, they learned that many toxic and harmful ingredients were lurking in their everyday products – even those that were luxury and claimed to be all natural. They recognized the ultimate irony in this –afterall, isn’t health the ultimate luxury?

The two struck out on a journey to solve this problem and spent 5 years to research and develop what would become the very first Tata Harper product, one that delivered efficacious results and a luxury experience without having to compromise your health.  Since inception, Tata and Henry have never wavered from their mission, to create a brand that epitomized beauty made without compromise.  From their unique approach to formulation, grounded in the philosophy that complexity equals efficacy and more ingredients equal more results, to the completely vertical integration with zero shortcuts or outsourcing that now defines the farm-to-face movement, the two have pioneered what truly is the next generation of beauty. One that is not just natural and non-toxic, but one that delivers exponentially more results than ever before.

Today, Tata and Henry continue to co-lead the next generation of beauty in each of their respective departments.  Tata oversees R&D, product development, press and creative while Henry oversees sales, branding, e-commerce and finance.

Meet Team Tata

Our lab doesn’t look like most skincare labs, and that’s for one reason: it’s full of female scientists. Each of our scientists have come to us with different backgrounds and stories but one common goal: to help pioneer the next generation of beauty. They are the ones who have cracked the code on natural preservatives, emulsifications, and delivering groundbreaking results without a single drop of artificial chemicals.


Cosmetic Formulation Chemist

I knew I wanted to create cosmetics since I was 18 years old. In high school I asked my Science teacher what I would need to study to make cosmetics for a living and he said Chemistry. I then went to college and received my Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, but because cosmetics are so specialized, I decided I wanted to learn everything I could before I got my first job in the real world.

So, I left home and moved to the “big” city to study Cosmetic Science and get experience in the field. Once I started, I realized the industry is so much more complex than I had originally thought and there were so many different things one could do. I worked in Contract Manufacturing, Fragrance, and a traditional Multi-National Beauty Company. After both learning and working in the industry, I realized I wanted something a little different for the next step in my career.

I came across Tata Harper after my favorite blogger starting raving about one of their products. I immediately bought it and fell in love. Fast forward years later and I am working for the company that creates such amazing products, giving women what they want and need in their beauty routine without having to compromise. I am both humbled and proud to be working for such a meaningful brand that cares enough to create such timeless products.


Regulatory Specialist

I joined the Research & Development team at Tata Harper Skincare a little over a year ago. Coming from a medical diagnostic company, I was drawn to Tata Harper because I admire the company's mission, have respect for its values, and its commitment to high standards. I feel both honored and empowered to work each day with a group of extremely intelligent, dedicated, and talented women in the R & D lab.

Much of my time is spent assisting the chemists with raw material validation to ensure that the ingredients we use in our newest formulas are 100% natural, not tested on animals, and worthy of the Tata Harper brand. In my Regulatory role I am able support the business in its efforts to make natural luxury skincare accessible to people all over the world, which is both challenging and rewarding.

As a born and raised Vermonter, I feel I speak for many who are thankful the Harpers chose our lovely state to grow this farm into the successful business it is today. As a person who feels strongly that there is both a right way and a wrong way of doing things; and having been labeled throughout my life as a bit of a perfectionist, I feel right at home with a team who is committed to making 100% natural skincare in a luxe fashion, because they won't settle for anything less. At the end of the day, I am proud to tell my three children what I do.