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Tata Harper Skincare’s international shipping and checkout is provided by Global-e, Inc. To ship internationally, we partner with Global-e. Global-e is a trusted global ecommerce vendor whose solution allows Tata Harper Skincare to provide the best possible user experience to our international customers. Please select the flag icon in the top right corner to see which countries we ship to and select accordingly. This will change the currency on the website. Once you are in checkout, you will see local payment methods and calculations for any appropriate shipping, duties, taxes and other customs fees.

Duties and Tariffs

Duties and taxes are calculated based on the items ordered, where they were made, your shipment destination and the value of your purchase, and will appear as a separate line item at checkout if not already included in product prices. Some countries require duties and taxes to be paid upon delivery and they will be the customer’s responsibility.


Expedited shipping options through Global-e are provided by DHL express. Standard shipping options differ by country with local carriers.

*Due to Italian customs regulations, all Italian orders must be 4 items or less including samples."

"Shipping service delays:Severe Weather Impacting Shipping Service in Vermont. Pls allow additional time for your packages to arrive, due to severe flooding in Vermont "

Gift Certificates

Global-e international checkout does not support gift cards. (Tata Harper Skincare's US website offers gift cards that can only be used on the US checkout.)


Global-e international checkout supports all standard credit card types supported (Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express) as well as some local options depending on your shipping destination.


Tata Harper Skincare does not accept International Returns.

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If we do not support shipping to your country at this time we apologize and hope to serve you soon in the future.