5 Self Care Rituals Backed by Science

Self care. A concept that seems to be flooding our Instagram feeds and filling up our inboxes. Everyone has a unique self care ritual, but what is scientifically proven to calm your mind and nourish your soul? We wondered the same thing. 

Here are 5 self care rituals that have been backed by science and proven to restore your wellbeing:



Taking a few moments to yourself can make a significant difference in your day-to-day. Give yourself permission to get centered, unplug, focus on your breath, and detach from the world around you. It's time to focus on you.

  • Increases immune function

  • Increases positive emotion 

  • Increases emotional intelligence and compassion

  • Increases focus and attention

TIP : Apply Aromatic Irritability Treatment before a meditation session to tap into your nervous system, and help bring on the good energy and remove negative thoughts and feelings. Check out the rest of our Aromatic Treatments here. 


From facial massing to full-body deep tissue sessions, massage has proven benefits to stimulate lymphatic drainage and clear your body of built up toxins.

  • Promotes lymphatic drainage

  • Immediate biological effects

  • Decrease pain and improve mood

  • Promotes relaxation

TIP : Daily massage or dry brushing will keep your lymphatic system clear and also stimulate your nervous system. The perfect massage oil? We have you covered. The Revitalizing Body Oil's concentrated formula revitalizes and invigorates the skin by infusing it with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients for an immediately improved, radiant appearance.


Exercise not only has physical benefits, but mental as well. Challenging your body and mind leaves you feeling rewarded, refreshed, and capable of taking on whatever comes your way.

  • Helps avoid disease

  • Decreases body fat

  • Promotes happiness

  • Increased strength and energy

TIP : Take your exercise outside! This will improve your mental and physical state while feeling more connected with nature. Before you start, apply the Aromatic Energy Treatment to keep the endorphins running with this invigorating aromatherapy blend. Once you're done, keep skin looking fresh with the Regenerating Cleanser to slough away dirt and grime to prevent breakouts and balance your complexion.


What could be better than masking alone? Masking with friends! Share your favorite face mask and a enjoy a glass of wine for a relaxing night in.

  • Cut our risk of mortality in half

  • Decrease feeling of loneliness

  • Boost happiness and reduce stress

  • Improve self confidence

TIP : Call up your friends, get together and catch up. Unplug from the cellphones and laptops and just be present. Also, who doesn't love a spa night? Bring on the glow with the Resurfacing Mask


It can be easy to focus on the challenges that life brings. Expressing gratitude regularly will train your mind to see the positive in every situation.

  • Creates positive emotions

  • Promotes sound, undisturbed sleep

  • Make it a routine - more practice = more results

  • Helps you to exercise mindfulness

TIP : Start a gratitude journal. Jot down specific things you’re thankful for throughout the day.


What are your favorite ways to indulge in self care? Join the conversation and let us know on Instagram here.


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