Get Smooth Without The Silicones

Our new Water-Lock Moisturizer is here to help you create a flawlessly smooth base. In order to unlock smooth skin– you need to lock in the moisture. This next generation hydrator absorbs and traps water to create a breathable barrier for a smoothing effect that keeps you looking fresh and hydrated all day… without the silicones.


blog-silicones-1Have you ever used a product that makes your skin feel instantly soft and smooth? Well, that’s not always your skin improving, most of the time it’s silicone.

Silicone gives you a false feeling of skin improvement and smoothness. It’s for instant gratification, not long term results.

If you’re trying to spot one on your ingredient label, the ingredient name will typically end in -one or -ane. 




blog-silicones-2Silicones form an impenetrable, unbreathable barrier on the surface of the skin that can have some undesirable effects. They create an occlusive, skin-blocking seal that can cause pore-clogging and breakouts.

A silicone seal can also lead to dehydration and accelerated aging. It can prevent moisture from getting into your skin, which dries it out and makes it look dull. This can also cause accelerated aging since dehydrated and dry skin can cause fine lines and wrinkles to become more visible.

Lastly, silicone can block other ingredients from absorbing into your skin. 

It leaves a residue that builds up on the skin, creating a barrier that can prevent ingredients in your other skincare products from absorbing and preventing those products from working to their full potential. 



We have some super-star ingredients that we need you to know about, read on! 


Orange peptides work to reinforce the skin barrier which boosts water retention and helps lock hydration into the skin, while pomegranate spheres absorb moisture to provide a sustained dose of hydration that can be locked into the skin. Together, they create a healthy, breathable skin barrier that gives you a silicone-free smoothing effect… without harming your skin.


Our sugar carbohydrate complex is composed of skin-identical carbohydrates that allow it to uniquely bind water in the skin and keep it there as long as possible. This skin binding action boosts your Natural Moisturizer Factor (NMF). This works to improve the skin’s hydration ability and improve water retention by supporting your skins’ own production of hyaluronic acid and ceramides! Overall, this supports a healthy skin barrier function and maintains hydration. 


This hyaluronic acid has a higher molecular weight, meaning it works on the top layers of the skin. When hyaluronic acid is focused on the surface of the skin, it has a conditioning effect that makes skin feel soft and gives it a healthy, hydrated glow.



Did you know that ditching the silicones is not only good for your skin… but the environment as well? Silicones are very slow to biodegrade, and research has found very high levels in a few Nordic countries. It is thought that certain types of silicones may bioaccumulate in aquatic food chains. This could be dangerous to our ecosystems, and to this– we say no, thanks! Smooth skin can be achieved without. 

If all of this wasn’t enough to have you clicking *add to cart* in a scramble, our Water-Lock Moisturizer is engineered in a sustainable refill system to reduce overall waste! The airtight packaging features a 100% recyclable refill pod to extend the product’s life cycle. When you run out, pop out the pod and replace it with a fresh one – keep your jar, pump, and cap! 

The perfect makeup base, moisturizer-primer hybrid, chic and eco-friendly, next-generation hydrator… are we gushing? We’re obsessed, and we know you will be too! Shop our New Water-Lock Moisturizer now.

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