Layer Your Skin The Tata Way


Tata is very intentional about skincare layering. Inspired by what her grandmother taught her as a child about the power of routines, she applies the same philosophy to her beauty routine.

When it comes to what order you should apply your skincare products in, there’s actually a precise science behind it. Basically, to encourage formulas to penetrate the deepest levels of your skin they need to have a clear route to their destination. No matter how many products you use or how effective your active ingredients are, they can’t do their job correctly if they are applied in the incorrect order. Tata likes to call this building an ‘elevator’ of active ingredients in the skin, step by step, product by product.

We’ve broken down how to layer your skincare the Tata way (and why) so that you can get the most out of your routine - regardless of your skin type or specific needs.


Cleansing may seem like a throwaway step in your routine, but it’s actually the highly underestimated foundation for achieving healthy skin. Our cleansers are formulated to do more than just cleanse, they address specific concerns and set the stage so that the rest of your routine works harder. Tata calls this constructively cleansing and applies hers to dry skin to get the most out of our treatment-strength formulas.


Once your face is cleansed and fresh, you can start layering on the rest of your products, starting with an essence. Essences are thinner formulas with smaller molecules that function like an elevator for your skincare: they help the rest of your products penetrate better, maximizing their results. To get the most out of this step, saturate your face and neck so that your skin feels a little wet.


Immediately following your essence, apply your serum to preserve optimal moisture levels. Consistency is crucial here - it's important to apply the same serum formula morning and evening, day after day, to see real results over time. Our serums are made with highly calibrated ingredients and are designed to target specific concerns from every conceivable direction. These are our most potent formulas to transform your skin and deliver visible results.


After applying your face serum, focus on the delicate skin around your eyes by applying a targeted treatment to tighten, brighten, and smooth. Since the eye area is where you see the first signs of aging and it’s easier to prevent than it is to correct, Tata always recommends eye cream as the first anti-aging product you should use. Our eye treatments are multidimensional formulas designed to address all eye area concerns - they minimize fine lines and wrinkles, reduce the appearance of dark circles, and firm sagging skin.


Now, it’s time to restore your skin's hydration levels. Dehydration can cause premature aging, so it's essential to use a moisturizer to replenish the moisture that is lost every day. Our moisturizers are designed to work with the skin’s own hydration network, meaning they are made to draw water into the skin and prevent it from leaving. Each of these multitasking formulas does so in specific ways that work for your skin type and concerns.


Finally, you’re going to seal in everything you just applied. Face oils are your last step because they contain larger molecules that stay on the surface layer of the skin. This finishing touch creates a protective layer that keeps moisture and nutrients in and environmental stressors out. Our face oils are designed to give your skin essential nutrition and are made with phytonutrient-rich botanical oils that provide a potent dose of omegas, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.


There you have it - how to layer your skincare in the exact order that will give you the best shot at your skin goals. But the most important part? As Tata’s grandmother instilled in her, it’s all about consistency. As with any routine, it needs to become a daily practice to see the best results. Follow that wisdom, and we promise your skin will be transformed.

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