Top Skincare Picks During & After Pregnancy

New moms have new needs, and navigating a pregnancy is nothing short of an adventure. You have to accept that your body is due for some big changes. And while you’re going through all those changes, you’ll probably come face to face with the realization that you can no longer use products that once worked for you in the past.

Now, instead of having the freedom to try any product, you find yourself reading the labels more carefully, consulting your doctor, and researching which ingredients you can and can’t use during pregnancy. And it’s not just ingredients that may be harmful, you start noticing products that once worked well for you, now irritate your sensitive skin. So naturally, the hunt for a new, more sensitive skin-friendly routine begins. But where do you start? 

When designing our Superkind skincare line for sensitive skin, we made it our mission to keep those that were already pregnant and new moms in mind — not just anyone with sensitive skin. And even though we understood that designing products that get a “moms-to-be” stamp of approval would be a challenge, we knew we could not compromise on designing powerful formulas that delivered powerful results. 

So when we finally engineered our Superkind line of reactive skin essentials, we couldn’t have been happier with the results. We created the ultimate line complete with a conditioning cleanserwrinkle-smoothing serumexfoliating mask, and anti-aging eye cream — all engineered for reactive skin while delivering real results. To create the best skincare for sensitive skin, we excluded a comprehensive list of 85+ common irritants and allergens that would further compromise an already weak skin barrier. Because absence makes the skin grow stronger.


Essential Oil-Free

Nut Free



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So we get it. A new pregnancy is nothing short of an adventure. As an expecting mother, having a life within you makes you hyper-aware of the products and choices you make - skincare and beyond. Take Abby, our VP of Brand Marketing (who is due next month)!

"Pregnancy has been a pretty wild ride so far."

“This is my first and I have found that my biggest challenge is managing my own anxiety,” our VP of Brand Marketing, Abby tells us. “There is so much to worry about so wherever I can find peace of mind, I take it.” Abby finds calm in care, and has created a routine for herself that promises just that. From prenatals to baby gear, Abby tells us some of her top picks for expecting moms to be best prepared and cared for.



Like many, I have hormonal breakouts with pregnancy. You can find every opinion in the world on Google researching “Salicylic Acid and pregnancy” so I opted to speak to my dermatologist and doctor about what was safe. They told me that since all of the products I use a low percentage (less than 1.5%) of natural Salicylic Acid that it’s not a concern. Right now I alternate between Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser and Tata Harper Clarifying Cleanser plus do a weekly mask – either Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask or Tata Harper Clarifying Mask.


Tata Harper Body Balm + Tata Harper Revitalizing Body Oil: I don’t want to jinx it, but at nearly 30 weeks, I have yet to see a stretchmark on my belly (I have plenty elsewhere). While I know much of the stretchmark conundrum lies in our genetic makeup, I am a big fan of staying as moisturized as possible. I also love the ritual of rubbing my belly at night – especially now that I can feel kicks. I mix our Body Balm with our Nourishing Body Oil nightly.


Tata Harper Irritability Treatment: Not sure I really need to explain this but you can definitely find me in a mood during pregnancy – this helps me keep it together.


I am still on the hunt for an all-in-one soft gel solution that doesn't make me feel like I am taking horse pills or have a bad aftertaste (if anyone has any recos let me know), but these are the best of what I've tried (a lot) thus far: Rainbow Light Prenatal One has all the basics and 100% of your Folic Acid needs and you only have to take one pill which is a big plus for me. I travel a lot for work and tend to get sick anytime I step on a plane -- a friend suggested I up my Vitamin D intake and it’s been a game changer. Right now I take a basic Vitamin D supplement (5000 iu). Last but not least, my DHA – there’s a lot of fishy things happening with fish oil supplements. Nordic Naturals was the most widely recommended across doctors and friends – it has 480 mg of DHA and 205 mg of EPA in two gels.


Speak to any midwife or doula and you’ll hear them wax poetic on the benefits of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea. Research has mixed results and I won’t get into all the details but it can essentially help with all the elements of pregnancy and delivery. I just started drinking Traditional Medicines Organic Raspberry Tea during my third trimester so fingers crossed it helps.


Sakara Beauty Water Concentrate: I am the worst at drinking water and do my best to get the recommended 80 ounces - anything I can mix in to make it taste better and be more enjoyable I am all for. Sakara Beauty Water Concentrate has 72 trace minerals that act as electrolytes to aid hydration. Plus it tastes like roses.


I am a big Bikram Yoga devotee and while I know many practice throughout their pregnancy I wasn’t comfortable, so I had to find a new solution. Melissa Wood Health and her workouts have been my obsession and saving grace for the last 6 months. She is actually in her third trimester too so was super inspiring seeing a fellow mamma go through the routines – on her site she offers 25-50 minute routines that have kept me feeling strong and beautiful. 


I started following celeb nutritionist and friend Be Well by Kelly during my pregnancy (and it turns out – her pregnancy – she is also in her third trimester!) and she’s been a wealth of information for hacks on cravings and how to still indulge healthily (sidenote: you only need 300 extra calories a day during pregnancy). Her Fab Four Smoothie has been a staple in my daily diet.


Hatch Belly Tattoos: I love all things Hatch and these have been a big hit – I have a bunch of other girlfriends expecting too and these have made for perfect gifts!


Native Deodorant: Summer plus pregnancy means you better have some serious deodorant. I have tried nearly every natural one under the sun. This one not only keeps me fresh but also comes in a stick format (hard to find for a natural deodorant that works), so I'm hooked.



Snoogle by Leachco: While my husband likes to joke that this is a barricade, it’s been one of my favorite purchases. I am a stomach sleeper so I'm still in mourning but this helps keep me in place at night so I don’t wind up waking up on my back.


Ten over Ten Polish: One of the positives of pregnancy – my nails and hair are living their best lives. I celebrate with non-toxic manis – right now I love their Summer Trio!


Bringing Up Bebe. So many people joke about how you’ll never do x, y, and z again post-baby (ex: sleep, travel, have sex). This book has such a refreshing take on how to have a baby and still live your life. From practical advice on sleep training (FYI most French babies “do their nights” at 8 weeks) to going back to work, it’s been such a positive light for me when reading about what our next chapter can be like.


Ovia: This was founded by my fellow classmate Gina Nebesar. I love that it's straightforward and to the point. It also includes a weekly vlog from Gina who filmed during her first pregnancy and features her highs and lows of the week that are super relatable. Makes you feel like you are in it with a friend.


Peanut: I moved to Vermont from New York City a year and a half ago and it’s tough to find new friends in a small city in your 30s. This has been really wonderful to connect with fellow new mammas and find my tribe.


Snoo Smart Sleeper: This is on my wishlist as I've heard rave reviews. Created by Dr. Harvey Karp, this smart sleeper is answering sleepless mothers prayers daily. With a built-in swaddle and app that helps monitor your babies sleep (aka if he or she cries it kicks in some motion to soothe) it’s one of the smartest and safest systems out to date.



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