Sustainable At Every Step

Since the beginning, sustainability has remained a part of our DNA and our greater mission to engineer products that are good for people and the planet. In order to continuously enhance our sustainability practices, it has become a part of our nature to think with a planet-first mindset everyday, from sourcing maximal performance ingredients, to manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and more.

We do this so that when those green bottles arrive at your doorstep, you can trust that we’ve done all the work to take care of not only you, but the planet as well. 

So what really goes into our signature sustainable skincare process? From our farm to your doorstep, we’re proud to say that we’ve designed sustainability into the business every step of the way. Let’s take an inside look at the Tata Harper process: 

Our Manufacturing Process Philosophy

Our manufacturing is done the Tata Harper way: meaning we do everything ourselves, with our own people, all on our farm in Vermont. Did you know that according to the Energy Information Administration Vermont has the largest share of in-state electricity generation from renewable resources of any state? We’re so grateful to call this state our home! 

We formulate, batch, fill, package, ship, and distribute everything ourselves. We refuse to outsource the most important part of our business, and with that comes a lot of benefits. 

  1. It gives us full visibility of the process and control over the quality of our products. 
  2. Since we don’t use subcontractors, we don’t have to ship products around to multiple facilities. That means we have a lower carbon footprint. 
  3. We only make exactly what we need, when we need it. This means we limit excess or expired inventory that ends up polluting landfills, while also ensuring products are as fresh and potent as possible when they’ve arrived at your doorstep.

Interested in finding out exactly when your product was batched? Every green bottle has a code etched on the bottom: type your code into this bottle tracker to find out when (and who) made your product!



Ingredient Sourcing & Formulating

When it comes to our formulas, we only use the best maximal performance ingredients, without a single drop of synthetic chemicals. Since everything in our green bottles come from nature, our formulas are by-product free and fully biodegradable. You can cleanse with confidence knowing that the suds you are washing down the drain are good for you and the planet.

Sustainable Ingredients

When sourcing our natural ingredients, we only work with suppliers that are certified for organic or natural processes, use green chemistry, respect human and animal welfare, biodiversity, and the environment. We also partner with responsible ingredient suppliers that utilize discarded fruit seeds from the food industry to promote our zero-waste philosophy.

But don’t just take our word for it, we ensure all of this through our ecocert certification. Every ingredient is reviewed and audited by EcoCert to hold us accountable.

What Does ECOcert Mean?

To ensure environmentally friendly products, ECOCERT evaluates the raw materials used in our formulas to ensure ingredients are derived from renewable resources, manufactured by environmentally friendly processes, and are free from GMO and synthetics. The process to earn that ECOCERT certificate calculates both the natural and the organic content in our formulas and evaluates our packaging to ensure it meets their biodegradable or recyclable criteria. ECOCERT is also recognized globally as the leader in natural and organic cosmetic certificates and was the first to develop standards for natural and organic cosmetics. Our products are consistently reviewed on an annual basis.


When it comes to batching our farm-fresh formulas, we have a one-of-a-kind approach. Every product is made by hand on our farm, by our team. This is our do-it-ourselves mentality, and it ensures full transparency, traceability, and accountability for all of our products. 



Once our formulas are batched: they move only one room over to be filled by our on-site production team. Our team fills every bottle by hand to ensure products are filled with the utmost care. When we say made with love in Vermont, we really mean it! We never get tired of seeing our signature green bottles filled. 



When designing sustainability into every step of our manufacturing process, eco-friendly packaging is at the forefront. We are constantly searching for the newest and most innovative packaging solutions. 

Our first choice is to always use glass because it’s infinitely more recyclable and the most sustainable option available today.When a formula can’t go in glass, we use bioplastic tubes made from corn and sugarcane. Our cartons are FSC Certified Paper, meaning they all come from responsible forestry, and we use soy ink. 

While we are very proud of our current packaging: we strongly believe the future is refillable. We are so proud to offer our Water-Lock Moisturizer, Restorative Eye Creme and Illuminating Eye Creme in refillable packaging: and hope to one day offer all products as refills. Stay tuned — we’re hard at work!



Once our farm-fresh formulas have been sustainably packaged, they’re ready to make their way to your door step! Our shippers are all fully recyclable and packed by hand. 

While we know that outsourcing any of these steps would be a great way to cut costs, we truly believe that doing everything ourselves gives us control over the process, ensuring traceability, quality control, AND a low carbon footprint!

Good for You, and Our Planet, Always

Now that you’re familiar with how we do things on our farm, you can trust that every one of your green bottles was the result of our sustainable manufacturing process. It’s a process that is very unique to us, and we are so proud of. You can shop with confidence knowing that when you buy Tata Harper products, you’re also contributing to a healthier and happier planet. 

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