Why The Need To Detox & Our Maximal Purifying Ingredient

In this world of skincare, we always seem to hear the word, “detox” getting tossed around. So, you may already be familiar with the fact that “detoxing” is the act of our body and skin ridding itself of toxins or any other harmful and potentially damaging substances. But while a lot of us are vaguely familiar with what it is, you may still be asking yourself why do I need to detox in the first place?

One of the main sources of skin damage stems from environmental pollution that typically comes from the everyday air we breathe and are surrounded by. And whether you live in a highly congested city or a more widely-spaced neighborhood with more greenery, your skin will still undergo some kind of environmental damage either way. With that exposure to pollution, skin damage will manifest itself in two ways. The first, is that our DNA can actually be altered and damaged through air pollution and environmental aggressors. And second, pollution and aggressors can stimulate chronic inflammation and stress that not only causes internal damage but also manifests itself visibly in the skin, resulting in premature signs of aging. 

So in short, we have pollution and environmental aggressors to thank for causing our skin to age faster than we’d like, which in turn leads to us looking more haggard and fatigued. Fortunately, that’s where the practice of detoxing comes to the rescue. However, in the vast world of the cosmetic industry, there are an overwhelming variety of instant detoxing treatments out there and an underwhelming amount of natural and effective choices to help us practice daily detoxification which is ultimately safer and healthier for our skin and body long-term. 

Thankfully for you, natural treatments are what we do best here at Tata Harper — all due to our detailed focus on pure ingredients. Discovering the most high-powered natural ingredients is what we do best, and true to form, we’ve uncovered some of the most effective, natural detoxifying ingredients to design our daily and weekly Maximal Performance detoxing formulas. Take a look into our world of natural detoxifiers and the high-powered formulas you can find them in.


Our products that detox

Star Aster

From Israel

This lively purple flower can help your skin naturally defend itself against oxidative damage and cell deterioration caused by pollution to relieve chronic toxic stress on the skin.

It’s shown to assist in protecting the skin against pollution-induced oxidative stress and protect the skin from inflammatory response following exposure to pollution. In addition, it’s also shown to protect against pollution-induced cell deterioration and enhance the skin’s defense mechanisms and support the skin’s natural detoxification process. You can try this ingredient in our Purifying Mask.


Broccoli Bioflavanoid Complex 

From South Korea

Broccoli is a well-known Phase II detoxification enzyme that works to complete the skin’s natural Detoxification Cycle. Bioflavonoids cannot be made by the body but provide especially strong antioxidant activity. This complex creates an enzymatic anti-pollution effect that can help scavenge free radicals to help purge impurities, purify skin, and cleanse pores.

It’s also shown to encourage the excretion of toxins out of the body and even disturb the toxic process caused by free radicals and help detoxify the skin. Additionally, it’s shown to protect the skin from cell death caused by oxidative stress, clear pores, control oil, and gently exfoliate.  You can try this ingredient in our Purifying Cleanser.

White Clay

From the U.K.

White Clay is known for its purifying and detoxifying effects on the skin, allowing it to absorb and remove toxins and impurities present on the skin due to pollution and stress.

It can absorb excess sebum, impurities, and dead skin cells to leave skin cleansed and matte. You can find White Clay in our Purifying Mask.


Purple Clay Complex

From Brazil

Powered with 4 mineral sources, this complex helps to gently absorb oil and dirt buildup to cleanse skin without stripping or over-drying. This naturally detoxifying blend works to purge pores of while fighting the visible aging effects of free radicals to give skin a renewed and fresh look. You can try this ingredient in our Purifying Cleanser.


Lymphatic Microcirculation Technology

From Italy

A 5-oil blend of White Turmeric, Ginger Root, Clove Flower, Silver Fir, and Sweet Fennel powers this Lymphatic Microcirculation Technology. It’s shown to promote microcirculation and support lymphatic drainage to enhance the skin’s natural detoxification process. If you’re not familiar with this process, lymphatic drainage helps clear away toxins. It can boost the absorption and transportation of lymphatic fluids, which contain toxins, bacteria, and more. Lymphatic drainage can improve circulation by delivering oxygen around the skin, draining toxins, and helping  reduce puffiness. 

This supercharged oil complex is also shown to have a heating sensation on the skin as a result of thermal movement caused by enhancing hemolymphatic circulation. You can try this 5-oil Lymphatic Microcirculation Technology in our Purifying Cleanser and  Purifying Mask .

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