Beauty Philosophy With Antoni Porowski

He may be the food and wine expert on the series Queer Eye, but Antoni Porowski also knows his way around a skincare routine. The TV host and award-winning author shares with us his personal approach to self-care, his unexpected introduction to Tata Harper, and his current product obsessions.


What is your beauty philosophy? And how do you practice self care?

A: I try to practice ‘less is more’ in as many facets of my life as I can, and beauty is definitely a good example. I know my skin and what it needs, so I keep it simple there. That said, there are certainly some extras I incorporate which just make me feel good, like scented oils before bedtime or body oil during the day to help keep me feeling relaxed and smelling good.


"I do my best to listen to my body and try to pay attention to how I’m feeling when I wake up. That dictates what my self care regimen will be for the day, be it the food I eat, type of workout I do, style of meditation I engage in, as well as the skincare I incorporate in the morning and before it’s time for bed again.


What are your top 3 favorite Tata Harper Skincare products and why?

A: Impossible question to ask because there are so many, but I’ll try. I’ve been a fan ever since I started using skincare, which, consequently, was when Queer Eye started and I began to see the importance in taking care of my skin.

The first product I was introduced to was by my groomer Anna Bernabe who rubbed the Aromatic Stress Treatment Oil on my neck, hands and earlobes before a live interview taping. I remember how it just calmed me down. Scent is incredibly important to me and I carry a small bottle with me on tour, while I film, and even on days filled with zooms from home.

The second is a new one but I’m obsessed with it, and it’s the Illuminating Eye Crème. A tiny bit goes a long way. I gently massage it under my eyes and it lessens the dark circles. My under eyes are super sensitive and whatever magic potion is in this doesn’t make them swell or react poorly.

Finally, the product(s) I go through most are the travel size cleansers, be it Purifying, Clarifying or Regenerating. Yes, I know it’s three of them but I switch it up and the best part is they’re available in travel size because I try to avoid checking luggage when I fly. They smell so damn good without being too perfume-y, are gentle yet effective.

Can you walk us through your morning and/or evening skincare routine?

A: In the mornings I use one of the Tata cleansers followed by the Bio-Barrier Serum since my skin is often dry from the fan I keep blowing at my face all night. A few dashes of Stress Aromatherapy Treatment and I’m ready to go.

Evenings are a bit lengthier but I love the ritual. I start with the Regenerating Cleanser, both gentle exfoliators, apply my favorite toner, then Elixir Vitae eye and face serums, and finally the Sleep Aromatic Treatment on my earlobes and around my neck. Also, I burn my Tata candle while I do all this, of course.

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