Beauty Philosophy Valentine's Day Interview Of Madison Utendahl And Lex Kendall

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, writer, storyteller, and brand strategist Madison Utendahl & her partner Lex Kendall opened up to us about the serendipity of their meeting, the importance of different love languages, and where their skincare routines overlap.



How do you practice self-care in general and in your relationship? Do you have any self-care rituals that you practice together?

MU: I am deeply devoted to my self-care routine. It keeps me sane, especially living in New York City. One of the many reasons we fell in love and were immediately drawn to each other was a mutual appreciation and shared value of taking care of oneself spiritually, physically and emotionally. Although we practice these things separately, whether it's meditation, therapy, working out, or time off of work, we are aligned and dedicated to these practices, and in turn, they strengthen us and our relationship.

What's your love language? How do you honor your partner's love languages?

MU: My love language is words of affirmation followed by  quality time.

We take the time to understand and accept that while we have many that overlap, we also have several that don’t. We believe that the key to any successful relationship is truly radical acceptance and honesty. Our love languages make us unique as individuals. We love what we share and have deep respect for what we don't.  

How would you describe your beauty philosophy? 


"my beauty philosophy is that we should take care of our skin as we do our bodies: with love, thoughtfulness and dedication. For years, I have been focused on clean beauty and focusing on my skin. Once I learned that skin is the largest organ of the body, I've dedicated the same focus I do to it as I do my health and nutrition.


LK: Use sunscreen, and do as Madison and her sister Sydney (who is an Aesthetician) tell me to do.

Do you steal any of each other's skincare products? If yes, which ones?

We do! My sister gifts Lex skincare products every year for his birthday and Christmas. He then follows her routine suggestions and I end up stealing the product because it's always SO good.

How do your skincare routines differ and overlap?

I am very committed to the multi-step full routine of cleanse, tone, serums, creams and retinols. Lex is a 2 step person which I admire in terms of how much time he saves. Where they overlap is in the dedication to sunscreen and hydration.

What is your favorite Tata Harper product? or top 3

  1. Water Lock Moisturizer (New Obsession!)
  2. Nourishing Oil Cleanser
  3. Repairative Moisturizer

What makes Water-Lock your new obsession? 

I love Water-Lock because of how hydrated and refreshed my skin feels after application. The texture is great, I like how dewy my face looks when I use the product. It's fab!I also appreciate the conscious packaging. It's fab!

What do you like the most about Tata Harper products?

I appreciate the quality and consciousness of all of TH's products. There is a deep sense of mindfulness and consideration within all touchpoints of the brand and that extends to the tiniest of details. After learning about the great harms of non-CLEAN beauty products, my loyalty to Tata grew and I have been incredibly impressed by how the brand has evolved overtime. 

Thank you! We heard your apartment looks out onto where you two first met - can you tell us the story?

MU: We were set up through mutual friends, unknowingly, in November 2020. We separately, and reluctantly, agreed to go to an intimate dinner party for those who were newly single (we both went through COVID breakups). I can honestly say, we shared a similar sentiment of having zero intention of staying through the night,  nor meeting our potential life partner! We met during a time when our hearts and the world felt incredibly vulnerable and in term it ended up being divine timing. We have truly not left each other’s side since!

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