Rebuild Your Skin's Defenses With Bio-Shield Face Oil

We’ve expanded our SuperKind line to include the essential last step to any skincare routine: a face oil! Introducing our NEW Bio-Shield Face Oil to rebuild your skin’s defenses.

This face oil actively works to make your skin stronger. When you have sensitive skin, your barrier is defeated and always feels under attack, leading to irritation, redness, flare ups and more. This oil works to rebuild your defenses. Aptly named, Bio-Shield shields your sensitive skin from stressors to restore a resilient, healthy-looking complexion. This mid-weight oil can be used on its own or mixed in with your Fortifying Moisturizer.

We wanted to go beyond the typical facial oil ingredients like jojoba and rosehip oil, so we searched all over the globe for cutting-edge barrier boosting ingredients. All together this new formula has 23 high performance ingredients to help fortify the skin and provide barrier strengthening and resilience.


 Oat Seed Oil

A rejuvenating oil rich in natural ceramides that help with moisture retention and support your skin barrier. Ceramides are a part of your skin’s natural moisturizing factor so they’re essential for barrier health. Ceramides support cell cohension, which works to ensure irritants are not getting into the skin. It’s almost like a liquid band-aid for reactive, irritated skin.


Chia Seed Oil, Noni Seed Oil, Maracuja Oil and our Lipid Complex

This blend of oils provides essential omegas like 6 and 3 along with Vitamin F. These lips are the building blocks for a healthy skin barrier. It’s like providing your barrier with the multi-vitamin it needs to thrive. We also added Maracuja Seed Oil to revitalize damaged, weakened skin and restore optimal skin conditions.



What’s really special about this face oil is that in addition to providing your barrier with the lipids it needs to thrive, we also unlocked the potential for an oil to actually optimize hydration. Unlike traditional facial oils that only moisturize, this face oil fulfills the fantasy of hydration by monitoring and maximizing the traffic control of the skin’s own natural water content. 

Phytosterol Esters

These are hygroscopic molecules that can absorb up to 8x their weight in water. They are proven to clinically increase hydration levels in the skin immediately after application and with prolonged use.

Caprylic Acid

This smart hydration technology works by stimulating the hydration network by promoting water transportation. It essentially works to identify where water is needed in the skin and transport the water there. This improves the water homeostasis of the skin to provide long-lasting hydration.


The skin microbiome is vital for optimal skin health. The microbiome is made up of tiny organisms that are living in the outer barrier. When they are properly balanced, our skin is able to function at it’s peak health.


Volcanic Postbiotic Complex

This ingredient comes from volcanic thermal waters. It is a rare, wild bacteria that combines a postbiotic origin with a prebiotic effect to support the skin’s microbiota and maintain microbiome balance.




Irritated, red, inflamed itchy skin is the worst! That’s why we made sure to add some of our favorite skin soothing ingredients to this oil.

Adaptogens Reishi Mushroom & Holy Basil

Adaptogens originated from traditional ayurvedic and chinese medicine and are all about helping your skin adapt to its surroundings. They are amazing for stressed, reactive skin types. These two ingredients work to enhance resistance, soothe redness, and promote an even toned and calm complexion.



Vitamin C is not new, but it’s one of the best ingredients to promote a firmer and stronger complexion.


Dragon Fruit, Blackberry, and Elderberry Seed Oil

All of these oils are high in naturally occurring Vitamin C and other potent antioxidants. Together these fruit oils work to soothe, firm, and protect the skin.



 We can’t wait to hear what you think of our newest launch!

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