Exfoliation 101

Exfoliation isn't optional — it's a must. Excess sweat and sebum can trap dead skin cells and suffocate skin, creating dullness and breakouts. Plus, with more time spent outside, our skin is even more susceptible to extra dirt and grime. This is where exfoliation is key -  our targeted treatments sweep away impurities and keep skin feeling fresh & light all year long.

Here's everything you need to know about why you need to regularly exfoliate in the first place and the different types of exfoliation your skin craves, for both a weekly reset and a daily dose of gentle upkeep.



Let's start with the basics. As we age, cell turnover slows down and dead skin cells can give us a dull complexion. These dead skin cells often cling to healthy skin, causing all sorts of problems from clogging our pores to worsening fine lines and wrinkles. Extra oil and impurities (thanks, humidity!) work as a barrier that traps dead skin cells and blocks pores. This cycle of cellular turnover is also happening constantly, so without the proper care, those dead skin cells will begin to create buildup without being removed. 

So what's your best defense? Exfoliating regularly lets your skin breathe by removing the top layer of dead cells and revealing the refreshed, soft skin underneath. 

Thankfully, there's a variety of ways to exfoliate to enhance your glow. So depending on what works well with your skin and the results you're looking for, you have different kinds of exfoliation to choose from. Let's break down the different types. 


Physical exfoliation works to polish the skin by manually massaging tiny grains onto skin to dislodge and remove that buildup of dead skin cells. When choosing your physical exfoliator, it's important to find a formula that isn't abrasive on the skin. That's why in our creamy Regenerating Cleanser, we use Apricot Microspheres to gently buff the skin while delivering a deep clean. It is truly the freshest way to start your day!


The words “chemical exfoliation” can sound intimidating, but our AHA and BHA's are naturally sourced from 100% plant-based ingredients such as plant sugars or citric acid from orange & lemon. To help you figure out which chemical exfoliator is right for you, we've broken down which one you'd need depending on the benefits you're targeting.

So, which results are you looking for?

Brighten with AHAs:  

  • These include glycolic, lactic, citric, malic, and tartaric acids. They can be natural or synthetic, but, of course, we always opt for natural. AHAs cause exfoliation and retexturizing of the surface skin. They work by dissolving dead skin cells, allowing brighter-looking skin to emerge.

Fight Congestion with BHAs:

  • BHAs are better for oily or congested skin, as they work to clear clogged pores. There is only one BHA, salicylic acid. It is oil-soluble, meaning it penetrates deep into the pores to clean out excess sebum and reduce oiliness. This helps to shrink the look of pores, banish blackheads, and fight blemishes. Our Clarifying Mask is packed with BHA's from naturally derived salicylic acid such as White Willow Bark. 

Even Tone with Both:  

  • Many of our products have the power combo of both AHA's & BHA's to work together and give your skin an overall bright, even complexion. If you need to double up on your dose, our Resurfacing Serum is your holy grail for a year-round summer glow. 


Fruit enzymes are a gentle and effective way to slough away surface skin cells and dissolve buildup to reveal a brighter, smoother complexion. Similarly to AHA’s, enzymes work to “eat away” or dissolve any unwanted dead skin cells, revealing your glowiest skin. Fruit enzymes are superstar ingredients in both our Resurfacing Mask & Purifying Mask.


Micro-exfoliation offers all the benefits you crave from an exfoliant - smoothing, rejuvenating, balancing - without the abrasiveness. Packed with a supercharged combo of BHA and AHA exfoliants, our Resurfacing Serum is your go-to for gentle daily microexfoliation and an impossibly poreless, even complexion.

Don’t let the name fool you - micro-exfoliation is mighty! This technique removes the uppermost layer of dead skin cells without disturbing the underlying skin layer, making it more gentle than traditional exfoliation and more suitable for sensitive skin and everyday use. By sloughing off dead skin cells, micro-exfoliation encourages new cell development which not only gives skin a complete refresh, but also allows products to absorb more effectively. The result? A brighter, more balanced complexion and pores you’ll need a magnifying glass to see.


So now you know, both physical and chemical exfoliation are super important and AHA/BHAs are your one-way ticket to going makeup free all summer long. Just remember that these acids increase your sensitivity to the sun, so it is even more important to wear your clean SPF every day. Rock that warm weather glow with confidence, but don’t forget your sun protection!

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