Why You Need A Serum For Your Body

Chances are, you’re already incorporating your favorite face serum into your daily skincare routine, but body serum is rarely given the same attention — even by those of us with fully stocked bathroom cabinets. Your skin is your body’s largest organ, yet it rarely gets targeted care below your neck. Part of the problem is finding products that deliver the same active ingredients for the rest of your body as they do for your face. Here at Tata Harper HQ, we’ve always emphasized that taking care of your skin should be a holistic experience. Inspired by that philosophy, we’re excited for you to meet our new Resurfacing Body Serum, our full body treatment for bright, smooth skin. It’s more than a lotion; it’s an anti-aging serum for your entire body.

You’ve already tried (and fallen in love with) our best-selling Resurfacing Mask and award-winning Resurfacing Serum. Think of our Resurfacing Body Serum as an extension of those same benefits, designed to treat the specific needs of skin on the rest of your body. We formulated it with face-grade ingredients like exfoliating AHAs and BHAs, smoothing orange peptides, hydrating hyaluronic acid, nourishing chlorophyll, brightening vitamin C, and regenerating vitamin A for a true treatment. If you’re still wondering exactly what a body serum can do — or how to best incorporate it into your routine — we’re here with all the answers. Read on to discover exactly why you need a serum for your body, how its specific ingredients can impact your skin, and what body parts and skin issues can get a significant boost from our newest launch.


The skin on your body might be made from the same building blocks as the skin on your face, but there are essential differences that affect the best ways to care for both. The skin below your neck is thicker and less oily than what’s above your neck. These two key characteristics mean that skincare designed specifically for your face won’t be as effective when you repurpose it for your body.

Another interesting factor we considered while formulating our body serum? The skin we were interested in targeting has a slower cellular turnover rate compared to your face. (More on how we formulated with this in mind below.) The ultimate takeaway is that while your bodycare should mimic your skincare in its purpose, the route it takes to get there will be a little different. For instance, it’s still necessary to exfoliate below the neck to improve the texture of your skin and allow for effective ingredients absorption. But the products and formulas you should use to accomplish this will differ.


First, let’s address the difference between physical and chemical exfoliation. Physical exfoliation uses small particles to manually scrub away dead skin cells. Chemical exfoliation uses a combination of gentle, effective acids to dissolve the “glue” that holds these cells together. Both have their benefits for imparting next-level glow; the former powers our Smoothing Body Scrub, while the latter is the key to our best-selling Resurfacing Mask. Since our facial chemical exfoliants are so popular, we wanted to try applying the same method to treating your chests, arms, and legs. That’s why our Resurfacing Body Serum includes a handful of the same gentle acids you’re already obsessed with in our mask.

Five different AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) work on different levels of your skin to slough away dead cells. Smaller molecules of glycolic acid go deep to remove unwanted dead skin, while lactic acid works on the surface to brighten and hydrate. We also included BHAs (beta hydroxy acids) in this product to penetrate and clear excess oil and sebum from your pores. No more bacne — just hydrated, glowing, blemish-free skin.


It’s the exact same reason why you should use peptides on your face. As you age, collagen production decreases, causing dehydration, loss of skin elasticity and firmness, discoloration, and overall dullness. Incorporating peptides into your bodycare routine is an easy preventative measure. This power ingredient can help restore density, increase suppleness, strengthen your skin barrier, and lock in hydration to make your skin look firmer, brighter, younger, and healthier.


Legs: From accidental scrapes, to uneven skin tone, dry patches, and bumps — our legs can go through a lot. Treat them to some extra care and a naturally luminizing boost by applying our body serum. Used all over your legs, it will help brighten any hyperpigmentation and impart a smoothed look and feel.  



Arms: Sunny weather and sleeveless tops are on their way, so it’s the ideal time to give your arms a serum-powered treatment. Our resurfacing formula helps reduce the appearance of conditions like KP (keratosis pilaris), uneven skin tone, and dry patches. The gentle acids in our formula deliver a rinse-free exfoliation while hydrating and smoothing the look of your arms.


Underarms: The skin on your underarms is especially delicate and — if you shave — prone to irritation from razor burn. Our body serum gives you a gentle way to even out any discoloration while still keeping your skin nourished. It’s also an easy way to help prevent bumps and ingrown hairs without being overly harsh on your underarm area.


Decolletage/Chest: Did you know this area of your body can be just as prone to breakouts as your face? Sweat and workouts can often lead to chest acne, leaving dark marks or uneven skin tone. A thin layer of our body serum works to gently remove dead skin cells while also brightening the overall look of your skin.



Hands: Your hands go through a lot daily, and they’re also one of the first areas of skin to show signs of aging (like fine lines and sunspots). Treating them to a daily dose of peptides will work to firm and strengthen your skin, while keeping them gently exfoliated for a naturally glowy effect.

Back/Butt: Just like your decolletage and chest, your back (and even butt) are also prone to post-workout acne. Apply our body serum over your entire torso to gently calm and treat active breakouts while keeping new ones at bay. As an added bonus, the formula will help minimize the look of any dark spots or hyperpigmentation over time for hydrated, radiant results.

Overall dry patches: Areas like your elbows or knees tend to be prone to dryness, no matter the time of year. Apply our body serum liberally over any dry patches to instantly soothe and deeply hydrate. It’s gentle enough to use daily while also effectively boosting the overall look of your skin.

No matter which way you use it, our Resurfacing Body Serum was designed to feel weightless and instantly sink in. The lightweight milky texture goes on luxuriously smooth and leaves behind a subtle, fresh floral scent with refreshing citrus notes. It’s everything you’d expect from a spa treatment for your face, now designed for head to toe use. Truly, you and your body deserve nothing less.


Tata Harper Journal contributor Sarah Y. Wu has a decade of experience in the industry as a beauty editor, copy director, and brand consultant. Her bylines have appeared in outlets including Teen VogueForbesGlamourWWD, and Byrdie. She also copywrites for some of your favorite skincare, fragrance, and makeup brands. While she’s tried thousands of products over the course of her career, she’ll always save a spot in her beauty routine for Tata Harper’s Elixir Vitae and Aromatic Bedtime Treatment. Connect with her on Instagram @say.wu.

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