Introducing Our New Lip Crémes: A Color for Every Mood

Our best-selling skincare-infused Crème Blushes were starting to look a little lonely, so we developed their perfect pairing. Meet our NEW Lip Crèmes, for lips that look as good as they feel and with a color for every mood.

How do our lips age?

The skin around your eyes and lips is the thinnest on your body, making it more prone to visible aging than any other part of the face. Our lips are one of the first areas to show signs of aging, but often go neglected when it comes to treatments. As we age our collagen production begins to slow. Our facial muscles also move often around the lips which can worsen lines. Lip lines are one of the tell-tale signs of aging lips, and they pop up quickly due to talking, smiling, eating and drinking. Keeping lips supple and hydrated with a dedicated lip treatment helps to plump your pout, camouflage lines, and ward off signs of aging.

We wanted to engineer these Lip Crèmes as an extension of your skincare routine, to naturally enhance your pout, while simultaneously helping protect the skin around the lips. 

Introducing Our New Lip Crémes: A Color for Every Mood

With an innovative approach, we used the same skincare technology you know and love, and infused vibrant tints to engineer our next generation Lip Crèmes. We’ve designed a color for every mood, with five shades that look as good as they feel. The comfort of a balm meets the vibrancy of a lipstick to create a cushiony anti-aging crème that rejuvenates the lip contour, revives deflated pouts, and envelops lips in plumping moisture.

From a barely there clear color to more pigmented shades for the night time: each formula envelops the lips with a splash of juicy nourishment to rejuvenate chapped lips, revive the lip contour, and enhance lip color.

Blasé - A rosy nude for when you feel cool, calm, and collected.

Risqué - A deep berry red for when you feel bold and a little daring.

Juicy - A raspberry pink for when you feel extra flirty and a whole lot of fun.

Bubbly - A light baby pink for when you feel lighthearted and lively.

Bare - A clear shine for when you want to feel good in your own skin.

Featuring 23 Bio-Active Botanicals + 3-in-1 Hydration Technology

Our Lip Crèmes were meticulously formulated with multifunctional ingredients and 3-in-1 hydration technology to deeply nourish and revive chapped, deflated lips. This balmy treatment is made with 23 bioactive botanical ingredients, enveloping lips in a superfruit-powered protective barrier and a plumping phyto-hydration blend.

3-in-1 Hydration Technology:

Part 1: Water magnet phytosterols to draw water in

We harnessed a combination of Pomegranate Phytosterols and Phytosterol Esters to draw water into the lips. These phytosterols work similarly to hyaluronic acid. As hygroscopic molecules, they’re able to draw water in and hold up to double their weight in water. This enhances the lip’s barrier and works to minimize water loss.


Part 2: Water circulation technology to hydrate lips where they need it most

Next we included Marsh Samphire, a succulent from France, to hydrate the lips via water circulation technology. After the phytosterols draw water into the lips, Marsh Samphire works to circulate this hydration to where your lips need it most. This water circulation helps to keep the lips plump and supple.

Part 3: A moisture-locking omega blend to seal in moisture

Lastly, we ensured all of this hydration is sealed into the lips with our fruit-based Moisture-Locking Omega Blend from Strawberry, Pomegranate, Cherry and Blackcurrant Seed Oils. This blend of four superfruits is packed with protective omegas to help promote cell regeneration, restore and plump lips, and keep them from losing essential moisture.

We also included an Antioxidant Superfruit Complex of Blackberry, Elderberry, Apricot, Plum, Acai, and Dragonfruit oils to naturally protect and rejuvenate the lips with fruit-based Vitamin C and E. Together, these antioxidants work to neutralize free radicals, providing lips with protection against environmental damage and oxidative stress. This antioxidant blend rejuvenates the lip contour and provides anti-aging benefits.

These lip crémes are so good, you're going to want one in every shade!

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