Omega-Powered Body Care: Meet Our New Limited Edition Hemp Seed Body Oil


We infused our Revitalizing Body Oil with Le Marais’ hyper-potent Hemp Seed Oil to create a formula that helps optimize the skin barrier for skin that is softened, supple, and smooth to the touch — fresh from both of our farms and made just for you.


Hemp Seed Oil is sometimes called nature’s most perfectly balanced oil because of its 3:1 ratio of Omega-6 and Omega-3, which is considered to be the optimal ratio for skin health benefits.

In addition to these essential fatty acids, Hemp is also known to contain phytosterols, phospholipids, and amino acids. It’s a powerful barrier building and repairing ingredient that can help the skin retain moisture and nutrients for optimal skin health and resilience. 


For this limited edition formula, we partnered with French farm, Le Marais, a sustainable estate that aims to link art, nature, and science with hemp innovation. 

Le Marais is a magnificent 980-acre estate in the French countryside that’s been in de Pourtalès family for generations. An open-sky R&D laboratory, the estate links art, nature, and science to grow sustainable agriculture.

The team at Le Marais has been working hard to establish a more holistic, more sustainable connection between grower and land through the use of precision farming methods, which aim to increase productivity while reducing the environmental impact. Hemp quickly captured their attention for its potential as a sustainable super-plant. 

Hemp requires no pesticides, grows quickly, and is used all over the world for eco friendly alternatives from construction materials to beauty products. Since the entire hemp plant can be used in various ways, there’s almost zero waste. 

Le Marais takes a data-based approach to their soil by monitoring its activity in real time. The hemp is tracked with blockchain technology, allowing for direct traceability, and a more sustainable connection between grower and land. 


We engineered this distinctive hemp extract into our own Revitalizing Body Oil in  a limited edition batch of 1,650 bottles. In partnership with Le Marais, and made through a highly-calibrated maceration process, this limited anti-aging body oil gives you an extra dose of barrier support. This body oil features technology such as plant-derived vitamin C and A, and now — omega-rich hemp seed oil.

The result is a maximal performance blend that’s designed to optimize skin health, texture, and resilience.

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