The Skin Barrier & Breakouts: Introducing Clarifying Moisturizer 2.0

Your skin barrier serves as the protective layer of skin. Its main job is to keep the good things in, and the bad things out. Composed of ceramides, lipids, and fatty acids, when the skin barrier becomes compromised, it is no longer able to properly protect the lower layers of the skin. When this happens, it can lead to an increase of irritation and inflammation. As this cycle continues, it becomes much easier for bacteria to infiltrate the skin, leading to increased sensitivity and breakouts.  


Traditional acne products have a reputation for stripping away oil and drying out the skin in an attempt to reduce blemishes. This stripping away of skin’s natural oils can lead to skin barrier degradation, causing an increase in both blemishes and sensitivity. Ouch! 

With this in mind, we meticulously designed Clarifying Moisturizer 2.0 to actually support the skin barrier, instead of stripping away oil. We included and included next generation hydrators, lipids, and skin soothers while simultaneously designing a 3 in one system to tackle pesky blemishes. So instead of feeling inflamed and stripped, you’re left with a comfortable, hydrated, and healthy complexion. 


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Our Clarifying Moisturizer helps hydrate without congesting by balancing breakout-causing oil and gently tackling stubborn blemishes. Next generation botanicals counteract redness and comfort irritated skin to leave you with a mattified and healthy-looking complexion.

We included a 3-in-1 Blemish Busting Technology from naturally occurring BHAs (White Willow Bark & Meadowsweet), Magnolia Bark and a Broad Spectrum Chlorella Prebiotic tackle breakouts with a 360 approach. BHAs clear away clogged pores, Magnolia Bark tackles blemish-causing bacteria, and a broad spectrum Chlorella Prebiotic enhances the skin’s immune system and the releasing of antimicrobial peptides. 

Instead of stripping away oil, we included next generation oil balancing technology. Clarifying Moisturizer works to boost and balance the quality of your own skin’s sebum with Lemon Myrtle Extract, as well as a Balancing Omega Blend meticulously curated with Watermelon and Alpine Apple Seed Oils. 

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Of course — you can’t forget enhanced barrier support! To counterbalance the powerful punch of our 3-in-1 Blemish Busting tech we included soothing oat ceramides to support skin integrity and enhance barrier function, along with jojoba oil and phytosqualane. 

Lastly, we included skin soothing honey, black cumin seed oil, and Tazman Pepperberry, an intensely soothing berry that clinically reduces itching, burning, and skin redness. Overall, this updated formula leaves your skin comfortable, hydrated, and soothed for renewed clarity and a healthy, happy complexion. 


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