A Summer Road Trip Across Vermont

A Summer Road Trip Across Vermont

Whenever a sense of adventure kicks in, the lush state of Vermont always has plenty to offer — and there’s no better way to see it all than with a road trip. This summer, Tata’s rounded up her favorite spots to hit as well as her must-have skincare essentials she can’t live without while on the road. From an invigorating hike at the Quechee Gorge to enjoying a restorative stay at Vermont’s landmark, Woodstock Inn & Resort, Tata invites you to join her for the summer road trip she’s been looking forward to all summer long.

To make her trip as enjoyable as possible, she brought along a bundle of her must-haves to keep her skin looking healthy and fresh for the long hours ahead. 

Designed especially for an occasion like this, Tata never leaves her home without her trio of travel-friendly, Summer Road Trip Essentials.

Complete with our energizing Boosted Contouring Eye Balm, moisture-plumping Hydrating Floral Essence, and nourishing Retinoic Face Oil, this on-the-go bundle kept her complexion looking its most healthy, radiant, and refreshed while she was on the go.

When thinking of where she’d spend the night for her restorative staycation, Tata envisioned none other than Vermont’s most coveted destination — Woodstock Inn & Resort. This historic hotel that has stood since 1973 encompasses all that Tata loves about her hometown and she looked forward to her stay. Before arriving, she rolled on our Irritabilty Treatment to help ease her mind from the drive. With it's warm floral and deep, leafy notes, breathing in this perfume blend inspired a sense of calm and relaxation to set her mood for a rejuvenating stay at the hotel.

From the outside, the property radiates a timeless elegance that weaves together the state’s seasonal beauty and timeless history which is effortlessly carried through every corner and room within. As a true Vermont landmark, this resort has remained a local getaway for Tata whenever she’s craving a local getaway that pays proper homage to her home state. And beginning in August 2021, their spa will begin to feature new Tata Harper spa offerings which Tata herself looks forward try with her next visit.

As she settled into her room, she was immersed by the elegant interior inspired by Mary F. Rockefeller. Featuring a canopy-draped king bed and separate sitting area, this exquisite space offered the perfect retreat to help her truly disconnect and unwind.

For her first stop, Tata arrived at Farmhouse Pottery — one of her favorite homeware and decor shopping destinations and pottery studio that has always embraced the craft’s old-world traditions. 


Upon arrival, she was greeted by the studio’s founder, James who shared that he and his wife started the studio back in 2008 where the idea was sparked from their passion for pottery. Before the studio was founded, James had created a bowl, known today as the “Windrow Bowl,” for his daughters to hold as they picked fresh berries from their garden. From that successful design that drove massive success, it was then a fully-formed pottery business was born — growing to become what Farmhouse Pottery is today.

Before getting behind the pottery wheel herself, she scanned the artfully crafted pieces that filled the store side of the studio. After browsing the collection, it was time to create a unique stoneware piece herself.

In the studio’s private Wheel Workshops, lessons are taught using the craft’s most time-honored practices in traditional pottery-making style. Before diving into the fun-filled, private experience, Tata was given an immersive tour of the pottery workshop while helping herself to the wine and cheese offered. From there, she was expertly guided through a pottery-throwing demonstration before getting started on her own clay creation.

After her visit to Farmhouse Pottery, Tata made her way to explore Woodstock’s charming town filled with local shops.

While strolling the town, she took a peek into Vermont’s Flannel Company and a 40-year old vintage clothing shop, Who Is Sylvia? to admire their eclectic selection. Once she was finished browsing, she took a peek into Vermont’s oldest bookstore to scan the various volumes. 

TATA'S TIP: Whenever Tata’s in need of some rare, antique finds, her top picks to visit are Wigren Barlow Art & Antiques, Ellaway’s Attic, Eric Nesbitt Art & Antiques, Antiques Collaborative, and Robert James Walsh & Company, always prove to offer some promising picks.

Then to stock up on some delicious local food for a picnic she’d be enjoying at her next destination, Tata stopped by Woodstock’s Farmer’s Market.

This year-round food mecca offers a fresh organic produce, local meats, specialty, and everyday grocery products, coffee and espresso, baked goods, prepared foods, and more.

To prepare for her picnic lunch later that day, Tata scanned the variety and picked up a selection of healthy prepared meals.

Before hitting the road again, Tata took a quick beauty break near the stream to touch up her look with her recent Cream Blush shade favorite, Spicy. This shade is the most versatile of them all — that offers a natural, terracotta pink with a satin finish.

She loves bringing along this recent makeup bad essential everywhere she goes to give herself a healthy-looking flush even while she's on the go.

Then after she'd freshened up, she headed off to her next destination to immerse herself in one of Vermont's most beautiful, natural attraction.

After a quick 15 minute drive from the Woodstock Town, she drove into Quechee State Park’s forest, located in Hartford, Windsor County for an energizing hike to the Quechee Gorge. This stunning and expansive gorge was naturally carved some 13,000 years ago from a massive sheet of ice that covered the area at that time. As the sheet slowly melted and drained away, the bedrock broke down with it to reveal the stunning gorge that exists today.

While gearing up for the hike, Tata pulled on Planting with Purpose Sweatshirt to keep warm in the crisp, forest air. After the hike, she stopped to rest on the rocks near the clear waters of the gorge. And for when her lips were feeling parched, she applied the Juicy Lip Creme to nourish and soften her pout.

And for the perfect reward after an energizing hike, she set up a dreamy picnic with all the delicious picks she gathered earlier from the farmers market laid out with kitchenware from Farmhouse Pottery.

As the trip comes to a close, Tata headed back towards Woodstock Inn & Resort and made her way just down the road to the hotel’s Kelly Way Gardens, where she was  treated to a flower arranging session with their master gardener, Ben. Activities at the garden range from private culinary classes, garden tours, tastings, and more which the property utilizes to educate and entertain their visitors on their holistic garden methods.

For her flower arranging session that day, Ben provided some insight into the flowers he had freshly picked for their session today. Then, their creative minds took over as they design a lively flower bouquet.


Delicious Bites & Goods

Just next to the Kedron Valley Inn, the South Woodstock Country Store features a delicious selection of breakfast, lunch, baked goods, fun homeware and bath pieces. And for a sweet treat, enjoy one of their signature donuts that are made fresh every morning.

Pizza, Drinks, and a Lively Atmosphere

If you’re looking to spend a longer time unwinding with friends and family, the Kedron Valley Inn offers a vibrant opportunity to chat over their amazing wood-fired pizza and craft cocktails. For a sweet treat, Tata recommends their Tiramisu that is the best in town. Their oversized front porch offers the dreamiest scene and will be sure to invite an enjoyable time for all who visit.


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