Healthy Aging: Find the Right Moisturizer for Your Age

Aging gracefully is a goal many tend to set as the years begin to pass. With every stage through our 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s, we notice a loss in volume, firmness, and elasticity that makes our skin sag and appear depleted and fatigued. Reasons for these accumulating qualities can all be stemmed back to a loss of moisture. With each passing year, no matter how great of genes we may have, the fact is that our skin loses a little more moisture than it had the year before — moisture that is crucial to lift, fill, and nourish our skin on a daily basis.

Hydrate by Age

Thankfully, you can replenish your skin’s moisture based on your age by choosing the right daily moisturizer. And since every age deals with different concerns and needs, we’ve matched every moisturizer you’ll need with the correct stage in life to help you age gracefully for healthy-looking skin through the years.



In your 20’s, it’s all about keeping your skin hydrated on the surface level. When your skin is still young, it’s already carrying a healthy amount of hydration within, therefore, the focus will be on maintaining a hydrated and smooth barrier on the outside.

Designed especially to replenish hydration on the surface level, our ultra-lightweight Water-Lock Moisturizer helps smooth and boost water retention on top of the barrier. Free of silicone and engineered with a water-locking technology, this daily hydrator will absorb instantly into the skin to reveal a bouncy and healthy-looking complexion that’s smooth to the touch.



As your skin transitions into its 30’s, you may start to notice more prominent signs of aging. In this stage, our skin starts to lose some of its natural moisture. And when that loss of moisture starts, our skin will feel less prepared to defend and recharge itself without the help of a moisturizer. 

So to offer your skin the moisture support it needs, a weightless hydrator like our Hyaluronic Gel Moisturizer will be perfect to replenish those hydration levels daily. Powered with a gel-water technology, this daily essential works like a moisture barrier to trap and hold water within so skin feels hyper-hydrated with a dewy-fresh and weightless finish.


In your 40’s, the lack of natural moisture in your skin will start to yield drier and thinner skin — which will eventually result in more prominent signs of severe wrinkles and sagging. 

For a moisturizer that’ll help plump and volumize that depleted skin while delivering a surge of hydration, our Repairative Moisturizer is our favorite go-to. Its rich yet lightweight liquid cream will target signs of aging while leaving your complexion hydrated, youthful, and healthy-looking.


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