What’s the Difference Between Face Oil & Moisturizer?

In your skincare routine, do you really need to be using both a face oil and a moisturizer? The simple answer is yes, you do. And once we’ve broken it down you’ll understand why.


Your skin craves both hydration and moisture. But, are they the same thing? Not quite. When your skin is dehydrated, it needs water — just like when we’re thirsty, our body is craving water, not moisture. So naturally, when your skin is craving hydration, you’ll want to go for products that have water in them. Moisturizers are typically water-based, made sometimes with oil, other water-loving ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid but nevertheless, they’ll always contain some form of water. This type of hydration replenishes the skin’s water content, both on the surface and deeper layers, while also making sure your skin can retail all of that water.


As for face oils, they’re pressed from plants, derived from nuts, seeds, fruits and other natural ingredients which results in them containing essential fatty acids, vitamins, and nutrients to support healthy nourishment. These natural oils are also able to work to repair and protect the skin barrier and provide lasting nourishment whenever your skin is feeling dry. So while moisturizers provide instant hydration, face oils provide long-lasting moisture with a vitamin-enriched bonus. So oils also work by helping the skin barrier seal everything in, ensuring none of your skin’s water content gets lost.

 So just like a moisturizer is water for the skin, a face oil is like superfood for the skin — and both are needed to support a healthy and radiant complexion.



In the morning, a moisturizer is the go-to for all-day hydration. However, if you’re really feeling parched that day, layering up with a face oil is a great solution to seal in all the hydration and moisture that you’ll benefit from all day. 

However, not all moisturizers are created equal, so hydrating with the right one will get your skin looking healthy and hydrated. Our personal favorite for lasting hydration is our Repairative Moisturizer.

This moisturizer floods skin with Safflower Oleosomes and Micro & Macro Hyaluronic Acid to plump skin and reveal a dewy, supple look.


At night is where you most certainly will need both a moisturizer and a face oil. By using both, you’ll support your skin as it sleeps and regenerate healthy new skin cells as it does every night.  So while you sleep, your moisturizer and face oil will be working together for healthy-looking and glowing skin by morning. 

And to feed your skin with the nutrients it needs while giving off a luminous glow is our Retinoic Nutrient Face Oil. Infused with Black Jack Plant from South America to boost cellular turnover, Bisabolol and Burti from the Amazon to calm irritation and support the skin’s extracellular matrix, this luxurious face oil defends the skin barrier, targets signs of aging and leaves skin velvety soft.

TATA’S TIP: A face oil always goes on after your moisturizer. And once you’ve applied your face, allow it a few minutes to sink into your skin before your face hits the pillow to maximize absorption and benefits.


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